A local discovery and travel research app
Brand Development
the challenge
Time constraint was the biggest challenge, we had about one month to work on it.
the solution
Come up with the expectations beforehand, and work within a small team to help with speed and efficiency.
I art directed the brand identity with an out-site agency. We knew that we wanted to use a logotype instead of a mark from the gecko. We've got a fun, trustworthy, and memorable logotype.
I worked on the logotype animation. We wanted something fluid to reveal quickly.
COlors & Typography
Primary colors
Vivid Pink
Dark Gray
Medium Gray
Light Gray
Categories colors
Main typeface
Web Typeface
Mobile App
content first business has been built from the ground up with content first in mind. The mobile app doesn’t deviate from that, it relies on great photos and reviews created by the users.
One of the biggest keys in the travel industry is return-customers. We measured and optimized the first time user experience to the minimal details, increasing the weekly engagement by 20%.
making it a habit
Getting user content is one of the most challenging things to design for, it needs to be straightforward and easy to use. By designing simple and lower entry barrier hooks we could increase the content creation 2x fold.